Sorry, You’re Not Allowed to Do That

We’re all looking for permission.

Earlier this year, a top elk-hunting guide told stories of some of his trips. One thing was consistent with every hunt – he had to tell his clients to shoot. Think about that: they’ve paid thousands of dollars, have the most expensive gear, have trekked multiple days for this one moment and they would not take the shot unless he told them to. He said, “I get a wild bull elk within 25 yards and they wouldn’t take the shot. I had to give permission to shoot. They needed me to do that.”

From an early age, we’re taught that we need permission. Raise your hand if you need to go to the bathroom, ask if you can have a turn, get the boss’s approval first.

But life is not about permission. Life rewards action.

Nobody gave the Wright Brothers permission to fly (but the government gave this guy permission).

Sergey and Larry didn’t ask permission – Google was the 21st search engine to enter the market. Rest in peace Ask Jeeves.

And Casey Neistat has no business being on a tv commercial – but, there he is.

Most of the time, the best words we can hear are the ones we fear the most.

“That’s against our policy.”
“We’re going in a different direction.”

History is full of those who did not ask permission.

If you believe that what you’re doing needs to exist, here’s all the permission you need:

No one cares if you fail.

Game on,


The best things I’ve come across since last email

Ignaz Semmelweis had blood on his hands. Actually. Not a metaphor – 20 minute read that I can’t stop thinking about. Shows the power of noticing a problem, naming it, and not stopping until you have the solution.

Self Publish the Best Seller Inside of You: A How To – particularly part G, in which he writes “Inside of their own copy for my book they had links out to ads for other books. They didn’t really care about me. They sold almost none of my book on a two million person list.”

Unicorn Swaps and Falling Complacency – if you read nothing else, simply scroll down to the 1MDB section because there’s a new rule in metaphors “Okay new rule: If you ever say that any financial market event is a “perfect storm,” you have to continue the nautical metaphor for at least a paragraph and follow the relevant ship all the way to port or to the bottom of the ocean, as the case may be.”

And yes, all three of those go against the tl;dr crowd. Enjoy 🙂

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