Introducing the American Food Tour


Here’s the vision: find the best food from every part of the country.

The plan is to take a 7 month road trip around the US in search of delicious food. Find it, work out the logistics, and sell it on

Few people take a go to market strategy as literal as I do. Here are the markets I plan to go:

American Food Tour

I will go to all the colorful states. If it’s not colored, I’m either a) saving it for later b) will go to it on the test voyage or c) it’s a crappy state (I’m looking at you North Dakota). I’ll spend 4-6 weeks in each region, and as of right now, the total trip duration is 218 days. There’s a fair chance my calculations are incorrect given all of the unforeseeable variables.

This 1980 VW Vanagon will serve as my trusty steed:


You’re also looking at the first physical asset of ungrocery – a 36 year old van. His previous owner named him patches, but I’m open to suggestions.

Why do this? Why now?

In all my travels, I’ve found food to be this fascinating thing — it becomes part of you (eat alot of twinkies if you don’t believe me), it’s an expression of the region, and it’s different wherever you go. People may hide their beliefs, their history, or their opinions, but strangely, people love to share their food. And not just a bite – people want you to experience the best food they have to offer.

Ungrocery gets great food to places it would not have ventured otherwise. A vendor with delicious items from Florida should have people in Oregon enjoying them. Ungrocery is the bridge that makes it happen.

Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal. My goal is to show that while the food may taste different, we can all eat from the same table.

And the best time to do that is now.

Let’s Eat

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