1 Month Old: How ungrocery is doing

As of yesterday (January 25), the ungrocery website has been live for a full month.

Here’s an in depth look at my work flow when creating ungrocery.com:

Ah yes, it’s been fun. Here are some numbers:

-ungrocery has generated $483.12 of revenue. We plan on doubling that in month two.
-our official launch email had a 57% open rate.
-we had 1 person use Internet Explorer to visit our site – who still uses Internet Explorer?!? Sadly, Netscape Navigator was nobody’s browser of choice.

Below is a chart of our website visits. Can you guess which day we sent out the launch email for ungrocery?

Even Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t need a magnifying glass to see email is not dead. Far from it, actually.

(A brief side note: I use MailChimp to get to people’s inboxes. It’s the OG among all the email service publishers, super easy to use, and has a great pricing model based on subscribers. Plus the founder gives cool talks and a good friend from college works there. Here’s what an unskilled designer like me can make with it).

In this post (and moving forward), whenever we discuss money it’s important to remember the difference in revenue and profit. Revenue is how much money you generate. Profit is how much you keep (before Uncle Sam).

For example, when you buy a bag of peanut brittle from ungrocery, you pay $16.74. Thank you, our revenue is now $16.74 higher.  Our profit from that sale is dependent on 3 variables: 1) cost of goods sold, which in this case is the brittle itself,  2) payment gateway costs 3) shipping costs (fyi if you’re considering purchasing, the shipping cost remains the same up to 4 bags…giving you a better price per unit the more you buy).

Right now, I’m building ungrocery with a bootstrapping approach, meaning profits are the only way to grow the business. Our next move is to introduce a premium product. Yes, it’s more expensive, but at the same time, it’s a high value item. It won’t be for everyone, but no product is. We’re talking 5 premium cuts of red meat, grass fed and finished, dry aged to perfection, and shipped to your front door. This product will be 10X the cost of the peanut brittle. Remember, we only sell products we believe in and use ourselves, and this steak collection is made for the conscious carnivore (ok, or omnivore).

The plan is to introduce a new vendor/product every week. For each vendor we create a ton of original content, but we need help distributing it. If you know any food/health/lifestyle bloggers I could reach out to, please let me know.
I’ll keep my ungrocery posting at a balanced level, I promise – perhaps a monthly update like this may become the standard?

Thanks for being here. And thank you for all those readers that have turned into customers – it’s because of you that I’m not working in a drive thru again 🙂

Thank you,


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